Client Registration 2021

Hello Everyone,

Update 19.03.21 – Those who have registered with us – we have begun to grade you  – HOWEVER – the booking site is still not live and will not allow you to complete bookings at this time.


I hope you are all well and surviving the current lockdown. We can’t wait to welcome you back as soon as we are allowed to!!

In the mean-time – we are trying to move forward to the modern age and have a new online booking system that we hope will go live in February!

In order to move forward, we now need our clients to register into this, this will initially enable us to book in your regular slots, you will also then be able to manage your own bookings, and also use the system to pay for lessons. We will initially be running both the paper diary and the website alongside each other to try to reduce any errors.

Below is a PDF poster – which explains how you register. If you click on the website link – it will take you there. The rest I hope is quite simple.

Any problems please don’t hesitate to ask