DRESSAGE SHOW 22nd November 2019 RESULTS

Hello everyone – please find below the RESULTS from the show this Friday.

Friday, November 22, 2019
Class 1 Introductory A Arena 1 The Amanti Arena (Indoor)

1st Sharon Savory – Shiloh 65.80

2nd Scarlett Aiuto –  Ginger 61.74

3rd Scarlett Aiuto –  Billy 59.57

4th Alison Woodward –  Tessy 58.48

Class 2 2 Preliminary Test 15 The Amanti Arena (Indoor)
1st Georgina Pearce Tufty 72.61

2nd Isabella Benfield Cookies and Cream 68.70

3rd Serena Norton Aperol Spritz 66.30

4th Cameron Major-Parker Blue Cross Puzzle 66.52

5th Freya Robinson Lakeside Ginger

6th Elia Pike Luna Taikoo 59.57

Meridith Ball Marila 57.39
Freya Robinson Lakeside Ginger 61.50 h/c
Beth Byfield Sweet Shutterfly RET

Class 3 Novice Test 22

The Amanti Arena (Indoor)

1st Rafaella Bailey Miss T Star 68.79

2nd Ruth Ofield Lottie 67.93 2nd

3rd Lucinda Mitchell A Splash of Colour 65.17

4th Megan Brown joker o’ shannon 64.66

Class 4 4 Elementary Test 57 The Amanti Arena (Indoor)

1st Megan Brown joker o’ shannon 71.79

Ruth Ofield Lottie 67.86 2nd

Olivia Thomas Drumbore collie 64.82 3rd

Lucinda Mitchell A Splash of Colour 64.11 4th

Clair Reed Pinpoint 61.61 5th