Price List 2018

The Talland School Of Equitation

Lesson Price from 18th April 2017


Lessons are of ¾ hour duration and all prices are per person

Please note: All lessons are to be paid for in advance.




Pammy Hutton, FBHS

Private                                                            £72.00

Shared                                                           £56.00

Group 4 +                                                      £38.00


Brian Hutton, Gerry Sinnott, Richard Preston, Hilary Hughes, Pippa Hutton, Michael Whippey.

Private                                                            £55.00

Shared                                                           £50.00

Group 4 +                                                      £35.00



Emma Harford, Toby Pickthall, Claire Graves, Adam Elderby

Private                                                            £50.00                                                                                    Shared                                                                        £45.00

Group 4 +                                                      £35.00


Please note there is an extra £10 charge for the use of a dressage schoolmaster and to jump a Talland horse with a senior instructor

£15 extra to ride an Elite Horse with a Senior Instructor



Private – Adult                                     £40.00

Shared – Adult                                                £30.00

Private – Child                                                £35.00

Shared – Child                                                £25.00

Side Saddle:

Emma Harford SSA B

Private                                                            £50.00

Shared                                                           £45.00

Local Pony Club/Riding Club:

Private                                                                        charged at full rate

Group                                                                         £19.00


Weds – Fri evening group lessons                                                             £35.00

Adult weekend group lessons                                                                    £35.00

Children’s group lessons                                                                            £18.00

Pony Club Session                                                                                       £25.00

Student lessons (joining existing group)                                                 £40.00

Student Lecture (joining existing group)                                                 £30.00

Adult Day Course (Two lessons & lecture per day)                                 £110.00

Adults Day Course One Group, One private lesson& a lecture           £125.00                                  

Children’s Day Course (As above)                                                             £90.00

Overnight Livery (Bedding Inc)                                                                 £25 per night

Hat Hire                                                                                                          £2

Please note all liveries will receive 20%discount on lessons       

PLEASE NOTE: Any lesson cancellations must be made a minimum of 24 hours in advance on weekdays and a minimum of 48 hours in advance at weekends otherwise we regret a cancellation fee of 50% will be charged