Price List April 2022

Please see below our new lesson pricelist – the changes to our pricelist will come into effect on the 1st April 2022

Lessons are of ¾ hour duration and all prices are per person

Please note: All lessons are to be paid for in advance to confirm booking.

Trainers:                                        Own/regular       SM*      Elite *   Supreme**

Pammy Hutton, FBHS

Private                                        £82.00                   £92          £97           £117

Shared                                        £62.00              £72       £77

Group  4 +                                 £43.00             £53       £58


Pippa Hutton, BHS SE, SC

Private                                     £71.00              £81       £86       £110

Shared                                     £60.00              £70       £75

Group  4 +                              £40.00              £50       £55


Brian Hutton, Gerry Sinnott, Hilary Hughes, Claire Graves

Private                                      £62.00              £72       £77       £106

Shared                                      £53.00              £63       £68

Group   4 +                               £40.00              £50       £55



Brittany Lankston, Raffi Bailey, Sarah Devery,  Olivia Thomas, Adam Elderby

Private                                     £57.00              £67       N/A

Shared                                     £45.00             £55       N/A

Group  4 +                              £40.00              £50       N/A


Instructors:, Patryk Olchanowski, Millie Blackmore,

Private – Adult                                                  £48.00

Shared – Adult                                                   £37.00

Private – Child (16 and Under)                         £45.00

Shared – Child  (16 and Under                         £35.00


*An assessment lesson is required prior to booking a lesson with either a schoolmaster, or an Elite dressage Horse.

**Supreme horse by separate arrangement only**

£10 Charge to ride a dressage schoolmaster £15 Charge to ride an Elite Horse with a Senior Instructor and above.

Please note there is an extra £10 charge to jump a Talland horse or pony (14.2 and over)

Side Saddle:

Emma Harford SSA B

Private                                                                    £57.00

Shared                                                                    £45.00

Local Pony Club/Riding Club:

Private                                                                           charged at full rate

Group                                                                            £22.00

Weds – Fri evening group lessons                                      £40.00

Adult weekend group lessons                                       £40.00
Children’s group lessons                                           £30.00
Pony Club Session                                                     £53.00  
Student lessons (joining existing group                        £45.00
Student Lecture (joining existing group                       £35.00
A) Adult Day Course (Two lessons & lecture per day)      £120.00
B)Adults Day Course (One Group, One private lesson& a lecture)                        £150.00
C)Adults Day Course (Two Private lessons & a lecture                   £164.00 
Children’s Day Course (As above                      £100.00/£105.00
Half day 10am – 1.15pm (Under 8) -Not available at present                            £56.00
Overnight Livery(stable only)                                                                          £30.00 per night
Hat Hire – Not available at present                                                                   £5.00

Please note: We have a maximum weight limit of 13.7st

Please note all liveries will receive 20% discount on lessons      


CANCELLATION POLICY 24hrs notice of cancellation is required for weekday lessons, 48 hours for weekends lessons UNLESS SLOTS ARE REFILLED. Same day Cancellations or missed lessons incur 100%  the cost of the lesson being cancelled. All cancellations via email or telephone (Leave a message is fine) only.





Please Note: We have a current maximum weight limit of 13.7st

We have a no refund policy: Lesson payments will be held in credit for a period of 12months.