BHS Exam Dates & Training Days 2021



Feb 2021

Are you looking to start your BHS Stages this year?

We will be running  group  Online sessions for Stages 1 – 3 as an initial Riding and care exam overview – with interactive Q&A session

All Sessions £10 per session – each session 1-1.5 hours.  commencing 19.00 Numbers will be limited.

Stage 1                Wednesday 24th  February

Stage 2                Friday 26th February

Stage 3                Friday 5th March

Please email for more details.



Exam Dates for 2021

Due to Covid – 19 BHS assessments are running slightly differently until August 2021.

For ALL of the following contact Talland directly by email to discuss and book assessments – Or call 01285 740155 Candidates must be Gold members of the BHS to enter

BHS Stage 1 Ride, and Stable Management

Challenge Award Riding out Silver Award ( In place of Ride Safe )

BHS Stage 2 Care and Lunge

BHS Stage 3 Care and Lunge

BHS Stage 4 Care and Lunge

All other Riding and coaching assessments will need to be booked through the BHS Direct. 02476 840508 ( Education Department)

Our dates for 2021 are as follows

BHS Stage 1 (Complete  – Ride and Care)

21st September

BHS Stage 2 Riding

10th March

23rd June

22nd September (Complete exam  – Riding, Care and lunge)

BHS Stage 2 Teach

7th April

11th August

3rd November

BHS Stage 3 Riding

21st April

25th August

20th October (Complete – Ride Care and lunge)

BHS Stage 3 Teach

5th May

8th September

15th December

BHS Stage 4 Riding

19th May

27th October  (Complete – Ride Care and lunge)

BHS Stage 4 Senior Coach (Eventing)

17th March

17th November

BHSI Performance Ride and Coach

25th May

Dates for official Training days for 2021 are TBC.



Talland training days are run like a ‘ Mock Exam’ day, keeping to a similar lay out of the exam, to help you understand the running of the day. They are aimed towards those who have their BHS Exams booked, rather than those working towards the exam, in the latter case, you would be better to contact the ‘office’ and we can suggest the best programme for you.

We will also be able to organise of your skills record at the necessary level subject to competence.

Please bring any questions or queries relating to any area of the exam, and the Talland Team of Instructors will do their best to answer for you.

Exam clothing is entirely optional.

The costs for the training days are all payable in advance, and are Non-refundable, but can be transferred.

Please Arrive 15 Minutes prior to the start of your course.

Places are strictly limited to 4 complete spaces. It is possible to book individual sections, please contact the office.

Stage 1 Training  Care 2.00 – 5.00  £100

Stage 2 Training – Care & Lunge –2.00 – 5.45 £150

Stage 3 Training – Care & Lunge –2.00 – 5.45 £175

Stage 4 –Training Care & Lunge OR Management 2.00 – 5.45 – £200

Riding and Coaching Training available also. Please contact the office for details as no set dates at present. 



If the Training dates don’t suit you, or you are looking for something else, then please don’t hesitate to contact Talland, and we will do our best to tailor something to suit you, either or as an individual, or if there is a group or you – we can also organise something for you, either residential, or non-residential.

To book the BHS Exams, you need to contact the BHS direct for availability and booking. 02476 840500

Tel: 01285 740155 ,  (Emma Harford) ,